Introduction to Green Wood Carving

Make’s Intro to Green Wood Carving is one of our newest workshops here in the North Docks. A great way to learn a new skill from scratch, this 6 hour hands-on class will take you through the different techniques needed to create your own green wood masterpieces.

Keith Matthews, the experienced woodworker who leads  this course, has been carving greenwood for about 20 years.  Cramming 20+ years of experience into 6 hours is a bit tricky, but it’s definitely enough time to teach the skills and techniques needed to start working with green wood.

All of the knowledge taught in this course are the foundation skills for spoon carving. This class is primarily focused on understanding the techniques used to create a spoon, and giving you the confidence to use a range of hand tools. Green wood is much softer than seasoned timber and is therefore much easier to shape with hand tools. Participants use learn these skills by going through the steps to carve a spoon.

If you’re interested in one of this course, or want to buy a ticket as a gift for someone, you can find tickets on our Eventbrite Page , or go to the Events & Courses page on our website! We’ve got tons of courses, including an Introduction to Woodwork (where you use power tools to create your own wine rack or tool box to take home with you), so follow those links to see everything Make has on!

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