One year of Make Huyton Village

Diving into the heart of Huyton Village, we’re thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone – one year of Make Huyton Village. Over the past twelve months, our community has grown in leaps and bounds. With the addition of our satellite space, Make on the Corner, and the development of our seasonal Huyton Village Shop, we’ve been on quite the journey. Along the way, we’ve hosted classes, collaborated with various organisations, and created a hub that reflects the vibrancy of our village. Join us as we take a stroll down memory lane, reminiscing about the highlights and shared experiences that have shaped the first year of Make Huyton Village.

The Highlights of the year:  

Meet our residents

Get to know the incredible residents of Make Huyton Village, each bringing unique skills and passions to our diverse community. From artists to entrepreneurs, they’ve played a key role in shaping our dynamic atmosphere at our new space. Some of their fantastic work can be found in the Make Huyton Village shop.

Heart Of Glass – Arts Organisation

Shaun Taft – Independent Artist

Cath Garvey – Freelance illustrator & Animator

Tris Brown – Northern Rose (comms. & publishing)

Paul Doyle – The Tuckshop (vegan pick and mix)

Wave Venture – Energy Consultancy 

Maureen Carson – Artist

Sarah Murphy – Artist 

Katy Lancaster – Artist

Neil Giddings – Product Design 

Oneday – Managing Agent 

Georgia Devlin – Artist

John Kennedy – Artist

MD Ltd. – Dance company & school

Our spaces 

Make on the Corner

Make on the Corner is situated in the heart of Huyton Village just a stone’s throw from our main site on Derby Road. Recently decorated and upgraded, it is a versatile community space available for anyone to hire. Whether that be for workshops, meetings, events, community groups, practices and more. 

This year, as well as running our own events and classes there, we’ve had some great groups and organisations use Make on the Corner including Heart of Glass, University of Liverpool, Kindred, Transform Lives Company and more! 

Plans for 2024 

Looking ahead to an exciting 2024, we’re thrilled to introduce our Winter Wellness Programme, designed to keep spirits high during the colder months. Throughout January and February, we offered free creative classes and warming food, fostering a sense of community and well-being.

At Make on the Corner, we’re actively promoting community involvement through a range of events, including exhibitions, pop-up shops, maker meetups, and more. Our goal is to see the MOTC space bustling with diverse activities and community events. 

Heading into Phase 2  of our bigger plans, we’re gearing up to expand our studio spaces. It’s all part of our dedication to growing the community and offering individuals the space they need to truly unfold their potential.

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Want to become part of our growing community? 
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