Our Sustainability Initiatives

At Make, sustainability and making conscious choices is at the heart of every decision we make. 

We have made several changes over the last few years that have enabled us to create a wider culture change within our organisation. Not just with our team but also involving customers, suppliers, contractors, beneficiaries. All are part of that change. 

Make is working towards creating our developed sustainability manifesto to help us continue our journey. But here are some things we have implemented already: 

🌿 Connecting small businesses together and helping them on their sustainability journey with The Good Business Festival, by providing tips from industry experts and discussing ways in which business can take small steps.

🌿 A community composting programme for our residents and local community set up in partnership with Compost Works CIC

🌿 Encouraging our community to choose sustainable transport methods – we have set up new bike parking facilities at Make North Docks

🌿 Regular community gardening sessions in our Make Hamilton garden, were volunteers learn about growing seasonal fruit, vegetables and herbs.

🌿 The fresh produce grown in our garden is used in our food and drink in our onsite cafe. Our bread, coffee beans, and other produce is sourced from local suppliers. And our raw honey is harvested from beehives on site. Our food waste is then composted in our garden composters.

🌿 We grow salad all year round in our indoor hydroponic edible wall. We ran several free Edible Wall Education Programmes with Farm Urban during the wall building process. Participants had the opportunity to learn about indoor food growing, global growing systems and making healthier and more sustainable food choices.

🌿 In partnership with Callister garden and several local growers, we grew our own hops which were brewed by Brimstage Brewery to create our very own hyper-local beer, the first of its kind using green hops – Birkenhop

🌿 We make and sell our own herbal lip balms using herbs from the garden and beeswax from our hives.

🌿 We work with sustainable, locally sourced materials for our Made by Make Commissions.