An Introduction to Woodwork at Make. North Docks

Working hard in at Make. North Docks!

Toolboxes from Introduction to Woodworking Class
These toolboxes were made in our Introduction to Woodwork Class!

Last Sunday Make. North Docks held the first of their woodworking classes, Introduction to Woodwork. In this class people learn the basics of woodworking by building their own toolbox. The introductory class is designed so that people were able to arrive with nothing more than an excitement for woodwork, and leave with their own toolbox.
Everyone gathered in the workshop to introduce themselves and meet Mark, Make’s workshop manager. Mark studied joinery, then did a degree in fine art before joining the Make. team. Since then, he has been instrumental in making the building come together. Building the ceilings in the studios, a parcel of co-working desks and even constructed the toilets out of pallets. Mark is the heart of the workshop, and passionate about sharing his knowledge of woodworking.
Mark started the class by giving everyone a tour of the workshop. He showed them the tools they’d be using and distributing personal protective equipment. After handing out a pre-cut toolbox base to everyone, the class began!
People leaned how to:

  • Measure properly and cut wood using a circle saw
  • Use drill drivers, change the bits and use different speeds
  • Make a pilot hole using a pilot drill
  • Sand with a disc sander
  • Measure a spade bit and center to make a hole
  • Freeform cut on a band saw
  • Assemble and glue

As the participants worked cutting, drilling, and assembling their tool boxes, Mark walked around helping everyone through the steps. It was wonderful to hear the workshop filled with sounds of people building things. When asked about the class Mark said,
“I wanted the class to teach people how to use the drill drivers, band saw, chop saw, and sanders, because those are the basic tools for woodworking. It’s basically the induction to our workshop, but you get a toolbox to take home at the end!”
The entire class lasted about three hours. The group was so enthralled in the class that they didn’t even stop to eat! Everyone took home the tool box they made and an excitement to join more classes. Introduction to Woodwork classes take place about twice a month. To sign up and see what other classes we’re offering, visit our Eventbrite page at or check out Events & Courses section on our website.
Come join us!

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