Monthly Maker – Chris Wylie of Puppetuity

Chris Wylie of Puppetuity

Our Monthly Maker for September 2017 is Chris Wylie of Puppetuity! Chris is a puppet maker and resident here at Make North Docks. He has a background in marine biology, but decided to follow his passion and start making, selling, designing, and performing with puppets a few years ago. Chris is always ready to show you what he’s working on or share some helpful advice about different materials in our workshop. He’ll also show you his new (and old) fantastic puppets if you ask! We asked him a few questions about what he makes and why he does it! Check out what he had to say here:
What do you make?

  • I make all manner of puppets, masks, props, and nerdy curios!

What sparked your passion for making?

  • When I was about 10 or 11 I saw the Jen Henson film The Dark Crystal, and even though it terrified me, I loved it and it got me really interested in puppets!

What has been one of your favorite projects you have worked on?

  • I built some singing toast and loaves of bread for a promotional video for the Real Bread Campaign. I also sang on the video and did a lot of puppetry. It was fun to access all areas of my art in one project.

Tell us one new interesting thing you’ve learned recently.

  • EVA foam floor mats make a good shark puppet!

What would your advice be for anyone who wants to work for themselves?

  • Do something you love that you will STILL love when pushed by clients’ deadlines and tricky jobs, when you’re chasing down work or up missing payments, when it’s a dull, wet day in November and you would rather stay in bed. It’s a roller coaster not a carousel, but the downs make the ups taste sweeter.

What are you working on next?

  • A tapir puppet that can wee for my own show and a client piece of a giant puppet head. With an eye on a distant project involving puppet vampires.

Where can people find your products and services?

Thanks Chris! Keep you eye out for the next Monthly Maker post from Make to find more about the amazing makers who work here, and what they’re working on!

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