BowWowHaus London @ Make North Docks


Written by: Abi Claton & Cait Milner, edited by Ruby Jenkins

Condy Lofthouse Architects (CLA) have joined the Make North Docks workshop workshop to create a dog house as part of the Bow Wow Haus London competition. Bow Wow Haus London is a fundraiser to benefit Blue Cross for Pets and Outdoor Arts Foundation. They have invited renowned artists, celebrities, designers and architecture firms from all over the UK to create their own one-off designer dog houses. Their designs will be displayed and auctioned off in London’s leading venues including the iconic St.Pancras Station.
The pawfessionals (see what we did there?) at CLA are self-proclaimed animal lovers that have worked with various charities, so they jumped at the chance to take on this challenge! Using the Make North Docks workshop, the team came up with a sustainable design that incorporates recyclable materials and rain water harvesting, all whilst meeting the needs of their given celebrity client Ann Robinson. Ann has a passion for pets and is a dog-owner herself. 
The donations and proceeds from the auction will go towards the Blue Cross Hertfordshire Rehoming Centre Appeal and the Outdoor Arts Foundation. We are enjoying having the team working here at Make and are looking forward to seeing the final design being showcased in London in May 2018.
A round of appaws for the designers, and best of luck!
To find out more about the Bow Wow Haus made at Make Liverpool, check it out below:
You’d be BARKING mad to miss it!

Photos Courtesy of Bow Wow Haus London: 
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