Cappa e Spada Tables at Peaky Blinders Bar!


Anthony Parr of Cappa E Spada working on the tables.

Make North Docks resident Cappa E Spada Bespoke Furniture Designs has created some amazing work for the new Peaky Blinders Bar – Liverpool! We wanted to know a bit more about his process behind these beautiful tables, so we asked him a few questions about the project:

Why did you choose the images you did for the tables?

For these particular tables because they were so big I wanted to use images that could be cut away, i.e cropped from there background, so we could see the beautiful french oak grain. I thought it would of been a shame to completely cover the whole table with image, so we got the best of both worlds.

What was the process you use to make these tables?

All the work I build is hand built from scratch using the finest of materials, they start off as a computer visual, so the client can have a rough idea into how there piece my look once finished, this gives a good indication into what colours and components we want to use before we pick up a tool, then everything is handbuilt in stages to bring the pieces together.

Where can you see these tables?

Cappa e Spada Wall Art for the Peaky Blinder’s Bar – Liverpool.

They are all in the bar as you walk in, the 2 entrances tables are both on the left, the console table is near the huge beer tanks and the wall art is scattered on 3 walls near the bar area.

Thanks Anthony! Head to the Peaky Blinder’s Bar in Liverpool to see these amazing tables!

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