COP26 ARUP and C40 Cities Commission

We’re excited to reveal our most recent Made by Make commission which we have been working on for the past few months.

Last month we worked from concept to build with C40 Cities and Arup on a Global Cities Climate Action exhibition featured at COP26 Green Zone from the 1st – 12th November.

The Global Cities Climate Action Exhibition will showcase world-leading best practice thinking and successful climate actions from multiple global cities, aiming to inspire other city leaders and citizens to accelerate action towards net-zero targets. The exhibition will also be available virtually via an interactive digital platform, Virtual Engage.

Being conscious of our carbon footprint, all of the services involved in the build were within a 5-mile radius, involving local independent businesses with like-minded ethos and outputs to Make. All materials for the exhibition stand are sustainably sourced, upcycled, saved from landfills and reusable. The exhibition stand will be joining ARUP in their head office once COP26 has finished.

As with most of our projects, we worked with a completely new material to Make. The material used for the back of the exhibition stand came from Mogu, who use mycelium based technologies to produce materials to help bring nature closer to people. Their mycelium based materials are crafted with the lowest environmental impact possible.
The commission enabled us to employ five local makers, including three Make residents. From woodwork to metal fabrication, even down to adding the finishing touches. Those involved were: Tommy Delcher Design, Jaime Fernandez (Mulberry Workshop), Anna Mulhearn (Animal Hair), Nikki Huston (Swings and Loungeabouts), Leonardo Alvarez, Ken Bullock, and Express Signs Liverpool.

The exhibition stand was constructed from our workshop at Make North Docks. We collaborated with our wealth of makers using a range of high tech equipment, including a  laser cutter, CNC mill, screen printing, and more. 

Special thanks to Giancarlo Torpiano, Maggie Wang-Zuniga,  Marie Cavanagh for working with us on the project. 

A bit about Made by Make: 
Made by Make is just one of the services offered by Make CIC. We work with high profile clients to produce a project from concept to completion. Using our plethora of skilled artisans from the Make CIC and local community, we make high quality, unique work. Working with a hyper-local workforce, using sustainable construction practices and materials. This includes trying to work with wood on most if not all of our projects. We experiment, make, mend and manufacture, collaborating skills, trying, testing and tweaking. Some of Make’s past clients include Everton Free School, Finsa, National Museums Liverpool, The Reader, dot-art, Alder Hey. 

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