Developing and Sustaining Affordable Artists’ Studios and Creative Workspaces

Last year we contributed to a report on artist studios and workspaces by Creative United. They have documented the variety of models being used to enable space provision for artists and makers alongside making a set of recommendations that would help support and grow this essential infrastructure.
Studios, makerspaces and the artists that occupy spaces face increasing pressures, such as the growing demands for similar workspace by other more lucrative sectors, increasing property values and the loosening of regulation around residential building and related large scale capital development programmes. This means that studio developers often find themselves competing with large scale, well financed residential and/or commercial property developers when looking to secure new space or renewing leases on existing property or unable to access the financial support needed to take on development opportunities.
The aim of this study has been to investigate the UK’s existing creative workspace provision, documenting on-going challenges to sustainability and identifying the emergence of new forms of provision and potential funding models.
Red the full report here

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