Lucy’s intro to woodwork


I literally made a toolbox from a few planks of wood, by myself!”

Familiar with Make and its mission to support artists & makers throughout Liverpool, I’d never been to visit the stomping ground myself. Am I an artist or a maker? It doesn’t matter – we all can be at Make.  
One look at the warehouses of Liverpool’s north docks and you’d be inspired to learn what goes on inside, nowhere more so than Make. Promoting self-sufficiency and sustainability, the ethos of the organisation carries through the entire space with donated tools, recycled wood and vibrant murals.
I spent my Saturday getting my hands dirty on the Introduction to Woodwork class, which is aimed at beginners, but attended by all. The group of eight ranged from the complete novice (me) to the amateur, as well as someone who did carpentry by profession. My last experience of using any kind of saw dates back to secondary school technology class circa 2008, which tells you all you need to know of my woodwork skills.
We had the guided tour of Make by our class teacher Andrea, stopping at the courtyard, atrium, workshop and of course, the newly installed Caffe Riccardo. I didn’t anticipate just how independent the class would be – led by Andrea’s expertise I literally made a toolbox from a few planks of wood, by myself! The whole creative process was incredibly rewarding and most importantly, a tonne of fun. From the mitre saw, to the pillar drill and belt sander, I tried it all and finished only wanting more. The end result was a tool box which, due to my lack of tools, I decided to use as a planter!
A warehouse is often associated with emptiness, like shouting into a large room and hearing your voice echo – let that not be said about Make. The space if so wonderfully filled with energy, creativity and most importantly, people. Little pockets of people dreaming their next design or trying their hand at something new. Go and see for yourself

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