Make CIC 2020-2021 Annual Report

2020 was an unprecedented and uncertain year for everyone. We’ve taken the time to reflect over the 12 months of our financial year and produced an annual report which tells the story of a complicated and profound year.
Despite the pandemic, Make was able to achieve a great deal and supported those in our community impacted by the turmoil. This included a successful “solidarity” Crowdfunding campaign to assist funding those efforts. Our work included mentoring small businesses, helping them through the year and even in some cases to grow. The Make team expanded too, and so did the number of residents across all three of the hubs. 36 new residents joined us, along with many new members. We delivered the Bootle Festival of Ideas, working with Kindred and Sefton Council; as well as running 19 other events and 50 classes.
Read about our response to Black Lives Matter; case studies of the work we’ve done to support members of our community to thrive; celebrations, awards and a summary of our social impact. You can read all of this and download Make’s full Annual report here.

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