Make on the Corner: A Space for Creative Expression and Community Gathering

Imagine a blank canvas where you can bring your creative visions to life, from knitting circles, to rehearsals, and art exhibitions. Make on the Corner offers an inviting, open space to unlock your imagination and foster community engagement and wellbeing. 

Previously Albemarle & Bond Pawnbrokers – Make on the Corner is situated in the heart of Huyton Village between Joe’s Stall and Admiral Casino on Derby Road. Recently decorated and upgraded, it is a versatile community space available for anyone to  hire.

A Multi-Purpose Venue:

Make on the Corner is a blank-slate venue that invites you to imagine the possibilities. This flexible space can be transformed to suit a wide range of activities and events. Whether you’re an artist, performer, fitness instructor, community group organiser, teacher or coach – or whether you need somewhere to lead your workshop or masterclass, interview candidates for a new position, have a team meeting or take photographs of your new products for your website – Make on the Corner provides the perfect backdrop for your projects and gatherings.

At the Heart of the Village:

Located on the high street, Make on the Corner is conveniently accessible for both local residents and visitors to Huyton Village. A mere 5 minute walk from the train station, good parking options and with many bus routes stopping nearby, Make on the Corner is a fantastic place to gather. Its position on the high street makes the space ideal for a pop-up shop, as well as exhibits or public consultations – we want to provide a hub of community activity that brings people together and encourages conversation and collaboration.

Customisation to Your Needs:

One of the standout features of Make on the Corner is its adaptability. Whether you need an intimate setting for a small gathering or a spacious area for a larger event, this community venue can be tailored to your specific requirements. The team at Make will help you get everything you need out of the space for your project, meeting or event. We can provide equipment and furniture for most uses and can recommend great local catering.

A Space for Art Lovers:

Make has a deep connection with art and culture and Make on the Corner is an ideal space for an art gallery. We hope to showcase a variety of local artists and makers at Make on the Corner – our own resident artists as well as artists from around the city region – and especially artistic talent from around Knowsley. If you’re an artist, Make on the Corner is available to rent as a gallery, offering the opportunity to display your work in an interesting and unusual environment. For art enthusiasts, we hope Make on the Corner will become the place to explore the latest local talent!

Community Values:

We are committed to the community around us. With affordable rates and flexibility, Make on the Corner is accessible to a wide range of individuals and groups, while  promoting local talent and fostering community involvement.

Unleash Your Creativity:

The possibilities at Make on the Corner are many. Here are just a few ideas for utilising this versatile space:

  • Exhibitions: Showcase your work in an inspiring gallery setting.
  • Rehearsals: Musicians, theatre groups, and dancers to perfect their performances.
  • Workshops and Classes: Share your skills and knowledge by hosting workshops, classes, or lectures.
  • Meetings: Gather with colleagues, neighbours or friends for discussions, planning, and collaborative projects.
  • Fitness & Yoga Classes: Promote health and wellbeing in an inclusive environment.
  • Craft Clubs: Connect with fellow makers in an inviting, communal setting.
  • Support Groups: A safe, supportive environment for group sessions or 1-2-1s.

In short:

Make on the Corner is more than just a space; it’s a catalyst for community engagement and creative expression. Whether you’re an artist, educator, performer, or community organiser, this venue is your blank canvas, waiting for your unique strokes of genius. Unlock your creativity, build connections, and draw your community closer together at Make on the Corner. 

Find out more  today and turn your imaginative ideas into vibrant realities in this welcoming, community-led setting!

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