Make’s Team Making Perks!

Since our crowdfunding campaign Make Liverpool Weld ended we’ve been making like crazy. In this photo you can see the Make team with the perks we’ve been creating. On the left, you can see Alex Kelly with the fabric for all the wonderful upcycled totebags she’s been working on. In the middle, Mark Evans working hard on making the DIY tool boxes (that will be disassembled before they’re sent out!). And on the right, Ruby Jenkins working on batch after batch of cement planters. Thank you for all your support, and if you have any questions about you perk, you can email us at
After our campaign ended, we ended up getting two more generous contribution from the Kirkdale Ward Mayoral Neighbourhood Fund, and from Go Green Leasing. We’re now even closer to our goal. Thank you so much!
We’ll keep everyone updates as our metal workshop progresses!

Machinery graphic