Zero-Con the Zero-waste Convention at Make North Docks


Small Steps and Just Little Things are teaming up to host the UK’s first ever Zero Waste Convention, Zero-Con. With a large trade fair, workshops, talks and socials, it’s the ultimate Zero-Waste event. The Convention is to educate about the zero-waste lifestyle and how they can impact the public to consciously reduce their waste.

It is taking place at Make North Docks, in Lziverpool on the 26th and 27th January 2019.

Zero-Con is going to be an inspiring, colourful event with a large trade fair, where you can buy and try a huge range of Zero-Waste and Plastic-Free products. There will be product demonstrations, inspiring talks, exciting workshops and thought-provoking discussions all aimed at reducing the amount of waste we, as a population, produce.

Entrance is free but ticketed, to make sure we don’t overfill the venue. Please reserve your free-entry tickets now!

For children, there are Lunchtime Parties on both Saturday and Sunday, to give kids a chance to eat a healthy, zero-waste lunch, play some games and blow off some steam.

For the adults who also want to blow off some steam, there will be a Social with drinks, music and good company on the Saturday night. Tickets include your first drink.

For anyone who isn’t hungover, on Sunday morning the Networking Breakfast will be taking place in the Atrium, to allow us eco-professionals to get to know each other.

Check out the Itinerary below!

For more information and tickets, head over to the website or take a look at the Facebook page!


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