Job opportunity at MAKE CIC – Custodian Assistant (Trainee)


This role has strict eligibility criteria
Candidates must currently be unemployed, 25 – 29, a
Liverpool resident
able to register with Liverpool Ways to Work programme for ILM eligibility

Job Purpose and Summary

Make CIC supports artists, makers and small businesses in the Liverpool City Region.
Make operates three venues across Liverpool and Wirral.

The Custodian Assistant (Trainee) is responsible for assisting with the overall running of the buildings. This will include assisting on general building maintenance, day-to-day upkeep activities and custodial duties, cleaning, tidying, as well as being a point of contact for visitors. Additionally this will include being taught duties around health and safety, fire safety and security. The Custodian Assistant (Trainee) will be someone who takes pride in keeping spaces clean, tidy, in good working order and most importantly safe.

Job Description

Job Title

Custodian Assistant (Trainee)


£16,185.00 (p.a.)


6 months funded role, with a view to be permanent thereafter.


Duties will be split between (1) Birkenhead, Wirral (2) Vauxhall, Liverpool (3) Baltic Triangle, Liverpool.

Responsible to

Chief Operations Officer.


30 days holiday. Some flexibility around duties for hours and locations.


This is part of a funded programme. Candidates must currently be unemployed, 25 – 29,
Liverpool resident and able to register with Liverpool Ways to Work programme for ILM eligibility.

Key Skills and Person Specification

  • Responsible, honest, reliable and trustworthy
  • Punctual
  • Practical, hands on and willing to give things a go.
  • Able to stay calm in an emergency
  • Good verbal communication skills
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Flexible, will enjoy a varied routine as no two days at Make are the same
  • Able to undertake manual duties such as lifting, pushing, pulling
  • Willing to clean
  • Willing to tidy
  • Willing to try and fix things within reason
  • Will be taught to, understand safe working practices
  • Will be taught health and safety legislation
  • Will be taught to interpret technical information

To develop skills in

  • Maintenance
  • Woodwork/joinery
  • Electrics

Key Responsibilities

  1. Overall this role is assisting the team in looking after the Make CIC buildings
  2. Ensuring the smooth running of the building, ensuring it is tidy, clean, well-kept and safe
  3. Undertaking maintenance and upkeep activities and other custodial duties
  4. Being responsible for general building maintenance, cleaning and day-today-upkeep
  5. Carrying out essential maintenance (minor repairs such as mending windows, changing light bulbs and unblocking drains, turning heating and lighting on and off at appropriate times, making sure the premises are clean and tidy with rubbish collected and taken away, maintain the grounds and removing litter, and informing the line manager of any major repairs required)
  6. Duties around security (unlock buildings in the morning and/or lock up at the end of the day and a shared duty of letting people in who have hired rooms for clubs, classes or evening events)
  7. Setting up arrangements for meetings (arranging tables and chairs, clearing away afterwards, ensuring disabled access to the building when necessary)
  8. Storing equipment and supplies safely
  9. Developing an understanding fire safety regulations, Health and Safety regulations, emergency procedures and the rules for evacuating a building
  10. Replacement of consumables (soap, toilet rolls, hand towels) and of lighting tubs and lights
  11. Supporting the use of the workshop by members and tenants. Ensuring health and safety is abide by at all times.
  12. Maintaining a variety of records and monitoring meter readings and fuel usage
  13. Undertaking additional duties as required to support the team

How to apply and other information
Please follow the instructions carefully… send two documents by email, in PDF format:

  • your current CV
  • a separate cover letter – include information about your eligibility

Send by email to: hello[at]

  • please include your first name in the subject line and “operations coordinator”

Time Line:

  • Vacancy advert out by Monday 1st July
  • Vacancy close date by Friday 12th July
  • Shortlisting by close of play on Friday 19th July
  • Interviews to be conducted no later than Friday 26th July
  • Role starts on Monday 12th August
  • First induction day with ILM team 9am – 1pm

Closing Date:

  • Vacancy close date by Friday 12th July
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