Monthly Maker – Rawhide Custom’s Max McDonough

Rawhide is a term that, for me, conjures up images cowboys riding horses, slinging guns, throwing lassos. That, or the Blues Brothers singing in a dingy country bar somewhere outside Chicago. Either way, Rawhide Custom here in Liverpool seems to capture the commitment to quality, artfulness, and rogue lone-horseman spirit of another time. By working, cutting, and sewing all the materials by hand, Max, the founder and maker of all Rawhide Custom goods, is really bringing a something unique to Liverpool’s maker scene. He is also a resident here at Make North Docks, and one our Maker of the Month for October! We asked him a few questions about his craft:
What do you make?

  • British veg-tanned leather goods, crafted entirely by hand in Liverpool, England.

What sparked your passion for making?

  • An admiration for brands who’ve produced items of such quality, they can be handed down through generations. The history and heritage of Liverpool played a huge part in fueling the desire to craft leather goods which will be shipped out and used all over the world.

What has been one of your favorite projects you have worked on?

  • A bespoke purse for a customer in the USA. He ordered it as a get-well-soon gift for his mum who had just gone through some very intense surgery. The thought of one of my products bringing a smile to someone’s face on the other side of the Atlantic was a pretty special thing, and felt like a real privilege to be chosen to make such a significant gift.

Tell us one new interesting thing you’ve learned recently.

  • Woolly mammoths were still alive after the Pyramids were built in Egypt.

What would your advice be for anyone who wants to work for themselves?

  • If you want to, you will.

What are you working on next?

  • Some custom wallets, a new style of dog lead, and a secret collaboration involving Kentucky Bourbon…

Where can people find your products and services?

Be sure to check out Rawhide Custom’s website and follow it on Social Media. The holiday season is only two short months away…..

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