Monthly Maker: Ro The Cake Artist


April’s Monthly Maker is Ro the Cake Artist! Ro makes stunning wedding cakes from her space at Make Baltic. Seriously, have you seen these cakes? They would be equally at home in a museum or at a wedding. She makes “home made cakes baked to order,” but they’re so much more than that! We sat down with her to find out how she got into the cake-making game, and where she draws her inspiration from.

What do you make?

Wedding Cakes.

What sparked your passion for making?

I’ve always loved painting and being creative and have also been a keen baker since I could pretty much walk. Whilst in University studying Fine Art, I fell into cake decorating and it began from there.

Ro The Cake Artist’s Hand Painted Cake

What has been one of your favourite projects you’ve ever worked on and why?

My latest hand painted wedding cake. I love combining my two passions and this cake was just that. With a preference for dark and moody styles over bright and girly, this was the cake order I had been waiting for. I went crazy with the brief and was able to paint to my heart’s content.

Tell us one new and interesting thing you’ve learned recently.

I’ve began hand painting cake workshops, so learning teaching skills which I have never pursued before.

What would your advice be for anyone who wants to work for themselves?

Go for it. Fear aside. Just go for it. There is no better feeling than being your biggest fan.

What are you working on next?

Everything! I’ve started two separate businesses so it’s a busy year ahead for me.

Where can people find your products and services?

On social media and when they stumble upon me in my studio!
Instagram: rothecakeartist
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