Monthly Maker: Brittany Kefira of Noctua


Jewellery is something that, for me, I have a personal connection with. Each individual earring, ring, or necklace that I own connects me to some moment in my life. Whether it’s the necklace my sister bought for me on my 21st birthday, or the pin by that artist I like in LA, each one is important. But I can’t imagine a better edition to anyone’s collection than a piece that you’ve handcraft yourself.

Brittany Kefira is a silversmith and the maker behind Noctua Jewellery. She makes and restores jewellery, but also runs courses that teach you how to turn raw materials into beautiful rings, pendants, and more! Brittany is one of our residents at Make Baltic, and she is November’s Maker of the Month.

What do you make?

“I make all kinds of precious metal jewellery”

What sparked your passion for making?

“Always loved making teeny tiny things, probably started with making daisy chains”

What has been one of your favourite projects you have worked on?

“An aquamarine and white gold engagement ring in a traditional setting. The colours are amazing and it uses the most traditional skills I know.”

Tell us one new interesting thing you’ve learned recently.

“Pearl carving! I am currently trying to carve a pearl into a skull for a family friend’s birthday.”

What would your advice be for anyone who wants to work for themselves?

“No harm in trying!”

What are you working on next?

“Christmas classes!”

You can find all Brittany’s classes and services on her Noctua Website and Facebook page.
Instagram: @shop.noctua

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