RFQ: Make CIC Website Redevelopment

Request for Quotation

Redevelopment of Make CIC’s website



Make CIC is seeking to appoint someone to lead and deliver the complete redevelopment of the organisation’s website.
The website no longer meets the requirements of the business operations, revenues and marketing needs. There is also scope for the website to do more for Make CIC’s stakeholders and beneficiaries, such as the residents, but this is not the “core” need.
We wish to appoint someone to help understand, plan, manage, implement and ultimately deliver a start-to-end website redevelopment; which results in a handover of a new website to the organisation.

Deliverable Timescale

Of course we want to complete this work as quickly as possible, but would like the quotation to include an indicative timeline. We are working towards a busy winter period and would like the website ready to support that. But taking the time to do it right is far more important.

Indicative Budget

We have set an indicative budget of £10,000 + VAT
We are open to budget options, including revisiting the budget following planning stages. But we have budgeted for a complete cost of £10,000. Additional expenditure would need to be clearly justified and signed off as early as possible and must not impact the delivery of the core need.
The budget must include everything from photography & artwork to plugins & buttons.
This budget does not include maintenance, hosting or other ongoing costs. We already work with a supplier who maintains our website and hosting. This would need to be successfully handed over to them following completion of the build, including working through any snagging. You may even choose to build the site with them, but this would need to be accommodated within the budget and handled directly by you as the supplier. We can facilitate an introduction upon request.

Evaluation Criteria

Quotations will be assessed and scored on the following criteria:



Deliver the brief (33%) 

Communicated a simple plan which outlines how our needs will be understood and delivered on.

Delivery Timescale (33%) 

Has communicated a timeline and made clear when and how Make CIC would need to be involved

Cost/Value for money (33%) 

Value for money. This will not necessarily be the cheapest quote.

Proposal Format

Please submit a modest proposal that is proportionate for the budget

  • Proposals should answer the three evaluation criteria directly
  • >Proposals should try not exceed 1000 words
    • Images, such as a timeline, can be additional
  • Fitting everything on two to four pages is desired
  • The format is not part of the evaluation criteria


Published, deadline and submission

  • Proposals are required by 21st June 2021 before 23:59
  • Scoring will take place on the 22nd June
  • Contract will be awarded by email on the 25th June
  • Work will commence against your timeline after that


How to submit

By email to make@makecic.org with the subject line: RFQ Website

Scoring Methodology

We will score the RFQ based on the Evaluation Criteria using the below

4 Excellent Meets and exceeds expectation
3 Good Meets expectation
2 Acceptable             Mostly meets required standard
1 Poor Proposal falls short of expectation
0 Fail Does not meet required standard


  • We are only seeking to work with businesses who are predominantly based in the Liverpool City Region. Please make this expressly clear in your RFQ.

Why an RFQ?

Make CIC is a social enterprise which exists to support our beneficiaries, helping them turn their passions into prosperity. Through our work we have a clear public benefit to the region and therefore have committed ourselves to the principles of best value. Additionally, we aim to be as inclusive and transparent as possible with our community, and this extends to how we spend our money. Therefore we have decided to issue requests for quotations, where possible, for major areas of spending.


Below are a list of questions ask by other applicants that might help with your proposal.

  • What are the technical specifications of the host server?
    • It is an Apache webserver, and so would require the CMS to be in WordPress or other PHP based CMS.
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