Code-A-Drone Workshop with MakoEducation!

MakoEducation has begun hosting their Code-A-Drone workshops right here at Make North Docks! Code-a-Drone is the perfect activity to get young people to discover and show off their creative talents and learn new technology.

During this fun filled activity, the participants will learn how to code a mini-drone to take off, fly, turn, do stunts and land safely. They are then given a range of challenges that put these new skills to the test. During the workshop, each participant is provided with an iPad to write their code and a mini-drone to attempt the different challenges.

In the words of Mako themselves, “In Code-A-Drone, we specifically use an application called Tynker to build and piece the commands for the drone to then receive. This is a brief introduction of physical coding in action. We work with small groups of young people to demonstrate how coding using an iPad can lead to piloting a mini-drone. Once your drone is up and flying in the air what else is there to do? Besides performing awesome stunts!”

We provide all equipment and materials for this session, all you need to bring is yourself. No previous coding of drone flying experience is necessary. However, check the course you’re signing up to, since we have one for adults (16+) and one for years of age or older for this course.
If you’re interested in one of these courses, or want to buying a ticket as a gift for someone you can find tickets on our Eventbrite Page , or go to the Events & Courses page on our website to see all the courses we’ve got on at Make Liverpool!

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