Covid-19 FAQ’s for the Make CIC community

Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: 18 / 06 / 2020 – 17:08
This post is dedicated to keeping members of the Make CIC community updated by answering frequently asked questions. Please always refer to government guidance above all else, and err on the side of caution if you’re still unsure. We want everyone to know we are taking the current outbreak of COVID-19 very seriously. We will always try to do our best in the circumstances for our community and staff.

  1. Q: Are the buildings open?
  2. Q: How are the buildings going to operate?
  3. Q: I’m self-employed, where can I get help?
  4. Q: Which grant can I apply for?

Q1: are the buildings open?
Yes – however, we strongly advise that you follow government advice.

Q2: How are the buildings going to operate?
Make CIC is operating on a reduced capacity and will only be able to look after the critical elements of the building during this time. It is absolutely essential that use of the buildings follow government guidance. At this time, it is also essential that security and safety are the top priority of those who must continue to use the buildings.

  • Keep the building locked – no members of the public can access during this time.
    • At Make North Docks
      • the front door and gates must be locked behind you.
      • the car park is not in use, although you may still use the roller-shutter.
    • At Make Hamilton
      • the front door must not be held open.
      • the gates must be locked behind you.
  • The office will be closed – but you can contact us by telephone 0151 601 8665

We are currently reviewing the above and expect that changed will be made from the 6th of July.
Q3: I’m self-employed, where can I get help?
The government have launched a scheme to help fund the self-employed through this period. More information can be obtained online at the link below. If you need support for this scheme, then please contact us for help.
Q4: Which grants can I apply for?
Everyone who has not been eligible for grants linked to business rates should consider applying for the discretionary funds supplied by Liverpool City Councils and Wirral Council.
Please contact Make CIC office if you need support with your application
For any other questions regarding the discretionary grant, get in touch with

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If you would like one to one mentoring to support your business through this difficult time, contact to sign up for one to one support through Enterprise Hub Skills.

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