Make Hamilton looking for a cafe operator

Make CIC has recently launched a new Creative Hub in Birkenhead, Hamilton Square. It is growing into a hive of activity with 10 of 15 private studios already filled; plans for 20 open plan art spaces; a community garden space; and plans for an urban farm. 

Providing a cafe which is open to the public, that people can be chosen to meet and work in, is a key next step in the development of the hub. 
As part of the overall hub plans, Make CIC wants to work with the new operator on aspirations for the community garden; and perhaps even the urban farm. We already have bee’s on the roof, busy making honey. The intention is for the cafe to spill out into this outside space and work cohesively with those plans.
Make CIC is inviting proposals from those interested in fulfilling the brief to have a cafe as a “front door” to Make Hamilton. They will be excited by the idea of working in partnership to promote and develop a thriving destination beyond a cafe; with regular events, exhibitions and much more.
Make CIC is interested to hear from all types of proposals, across a wide spectrum of ideas. From a “light touch” model such as operating only a pop-up coffee kiosk, all the way to a “complete offer” of food, beverage, kitchen, bar – and anything in between.
Beyond the scope of the space on offer, Hamilton Square is a well connected location with a growing visitor economy aspiration under the councils plans for the areas regeneration. It is the intention of Make CIC to be an integral part of realising those ambitions and this Cafe is key.
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