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tim devas solidarity

We’ve launched a series of solidarity themed prints.

We’ve all found the past few months challenging in different ways. In particular lock-down has impacted small businesses and sole traders. But there has also been an enormous sense of solidarity throughout. People have been coming together to deliver food, help neighbours and supporting independents.
For Make’s community, the impact of lock-down has been that 75% of residents sadly reported a loss of income, and 34% of those have been completely unable to trade. 
There has been lots of support over the past few months, but 89% of the Make community have been unable to claim grants linked to individual business rates bills. Make was able to join the lobby effort, alongside The Women’s Organisation, to find further discretionary support.
Despite all the good progress made, there are sadly still a few members of our community who are still needing support from us.
In response to this, we’ve commissioned some of our community to respond to the theme of solidarity and produce prints for us to sell. This will help us raise the funds we need to continue supporting those members who have fallen through the gaps. Each print is unique and reflects ‘solidarity’ in different ways. Check out the rewards you can get your hands on below. All prints will be limited edition and available in A4 or A3.
If you’d love to show your solidarity with the Make community and grab a unique print while you’re at it, click the link to our Crowdfunder page here:
The Campaign is now live and we’d love it if you could help us by sharing our link and telling people about our plans!
Check out the prints available below!
Tim Devas Solidarity

Jay Chesterman "Stay Home"
Jay Chesterman “Stay Home”

Ken Bullock "We Are One"
Ken Bullock “We Are One”

Kyulx "Nights of Isolation"
Kyulx “Nights of Isolation”

Catherine Rogers "A New Song"
Catherine Rogers “A New Song”

Pamela Sullivan “Creativity is Contagious”

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