Monthly Maker: Anthony Parry


Anthony Parry, founder and maker behind the high-end furniture company Cappa E Spada, took some time to tell us about what he makes, why he makes it, and where you can find it! If his work looks familiar, it might be because you recognise it from the Peaky Blinders Bar in Cains Brewery Village.

What do you make?

I specialise in applying imagery to various surfaces using an array of industrial techniques, I then use my techniques to make a huge selection of furniture and wall art from sides through to huge entrance tables, in the new year I am wanting to start creating a selection of lighting and other smaller interior items using the same methods.

What sparked your passion for making?

Ive always been a massive fan of design and colour and how something can just be created from your imagination. I’m a huge fan of dark, mysterious, gothic, period work and always enjoyed creating the unknown, pieces that are completely off the scale, I’m a massive Damien Hurst and Timothy Oulton fan and just have a huge passion for imagery and wood and trying to combine the two by creating products that people will always remember.

What has been one of your favourite projects you have worked on?

I have built now over 200 various pieces which are all extremely personal to the client but it was probably a last supper console table i done, I remember getting a friend round to take a look when it was just a slab of oak with image and he thought it was over 100yr old and had been found in a church and thats was exactly what I was trying to create, when I told him I made it last week in a shed in Liverpool he didn’t believe me ha!

Tell us one new interesting thing you’ve learned recently.

Since coming to Make Liverpool its been great to be able to bounce and learn of other creative individuals, its always nice to have someone around when you may need some help or even just a chat. I have always wanted to work more on my branding and small slick touches to my products, so I was extremely happy to meet Max @RawhideCustom who specialises in an array of stunning leather products who can also help businesses like mine incorporate there logo into there designs.

What would your advice be for anyone who wants to work for themselves?

Stay focused, have a long term plan and follow it. It can be a extremely lonely place and a lot of the time you feel like your shouting out but no-one can hear, it all depends on how far you willing to go. This is just the start for me, and I don’t get the feeling I have really started yet. I suppose you have to be quite selfish at times and extremely persistent, and most importantly embrace mistakes and learn from them. It all comes down to how much you really want to succeed I suppose.

What are you working on next?

I have just had a order in from the U.S, Chicago, a client got in touch via email and is after a piece of french oak wall art bearing a famous Battle scene Image on.  It will also be the 1st piece I have shipped to the U.S so I’m sure this will also bring up fresh new challenges.

Where can people find your products and services?

My work is showcased on a huge platform–theres my website and social media feeds: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, then I have a selection of high end interiors websites that showcase my work on a lead-time basis:
Website :
Instagram : cappa_e_spada
Facebook : Cappa E Spada Bespoke Furniture Designs
Also available on the following websites:
Rockett St GeorgeNot On The High StreetLime lace InteriorsVinteriorOut There InteriorsTin DesignJoe Berry InteriorsThe Den & Now.

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