The Dead of Night Film Festival at Make North Docks

The Dead of Night Film Festival is brought to you by Two-Headed Snake Entertainment and The Liverpool Horror Club. Their festival objective is to bring new independent horror short and feature films to the genre loving public of Liverpool. So rest assured this festival is made for horror fans by horror fans. 

The festivals aims to give the audience the same experience they get when watching their favourite big budget movies at the cinema, an experience that they believe every movie should have. 
The film festival will screen 11 short films and 6 feature films within the horror genre bracket, there will also be special guests and a whole lot of horrific fun over this two day extravaganza. 
Over the past two years The Liverpool horror Club have screened some of the best independent horror titles from all over the world, Dead Shack, Night of Something Strange, Death Metal, Circus of the Dead, Who’s Watching Oliver, DeamonRunner, Sequence Break, Borley Rectory, The Corpse Series, Book of Monsters, An Eldritch Place, Await Further Instructions, Lifechanger, We Summoned a Demon and so many more. 
And this year they have more EPIC independent horror!!! 

the 2019 programme is as follows: 

Features: Rabid (dir. Jen and Sylvia Soska) The Furies (dir. Tony D’Aquino) Extra Ordinary (dir. Mike Ahern & Enda Loughman) Antrum (dir. David Amito & Michael Laicini) Blood Machines (dir. Seth Ickerman) Harpoon (dir. Rob Grant) 
Shorts: Playtime’s Over (dir. Tony Reames) Z-Goat – First Bleat (dir. Julien Jauniaux & Bertrand Leplae) Dead Air (dir. Geoff Harmer) Five Course Meal (dir. James Cadden) Chain (dir. Christopher Reith) The Third Hand (dir. Yonatan Weisberg) Creaker (dir. Vidar Tevasvold Aune) Eject (dir. David Yorke) The Three Crow Boys (dir. Tom Adriani) The Animator (dir. Trent Shy) The Desecrated (dir. John Gray) 

Take a look and follow the social media, ticket, website and submission pages for all the info and we assure you, you DON’T want to miss whats in store!

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