Exhibition: Joana De Oliveira Guerreiro at Make North Docks

This week we had the pleasure of having two work experience students from Neston High School with us at North Docks. Jess and Joe aged 16 and 17 are both studying creative courses at sixth form and wanted to have an insight into a creative organisation. They both attended last nights exhibition at North Docks, and wrote a piece on it for us, give it a read below!

Last night, local artist Joana De Oliveira Guerreiro; originally born in Lisbon;  launched an art exhibition at Make North Docks. 

Joana used our bar space in Make North Docks to exhibit her amazing abstract pieces which show diversity at its best. The exhibition launched on Wednesday 10th July with an opening night. But don’t worry, the exhibition will be at North Docks until Tuesday 16th July.   

Each piece has an individual, unique feel to it whilst still holding the classic style due to the media and backgrounds used throughout. Joana used acrylic paints on large scale canvases allowing expressive marks in bold colours, exaggerating the images dramatically. She uses a range of shapes allowing more freedom and breaks away from the usual box shape. The composition says a lot, as each piece features a feminine protagonist with others surrounding her and uses text to exaggerate the story and give context to the scenes.

The successful exhibition was supported by a poem which was written by Guerreiro called ‘The Trackie Trousered Philanthropist’ and it highlights the problems faced due to money.

by Jessica Wright and Joseph Cattrell

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