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Step aside Halloween – Christmas is coming.

If you’re anything like the talented makers of Liverpool’s city region, you’re already thinking about it… Christmas of course! We make no apologies. All of the wonderful independents have been busy for weeks getting ready for upcoming winter markets like the much anticipated Kazimier Winter Arkade. We are here to help you get ahead of the rush this year with our November gift guide. A wish list of the best independent makers this city region has to offer. So, unashamedly, here is the first list of the best six.


Visual artist-come-designer Anna Mulhearn uses laser cutting and traditional hand crafting techniques to make some absolute jems. Some stunning perspect statement jewellery and eyewear on our website but it’s the mini Kazimier Christmas Star that you’re bound to see the big version of around town. Well up for a piece of Christmas culture on the tree at home.
Our favourite: YASSSS QUEEN Earrings or Kazimier Star
Studio: Invisible Wind Factory, Ten Streets, Liverpool.
Where to look:
Instagram: @animal_hair
Facebook: /animalhair

Ruby Sparrow Design

Abi describes herself as a wanderlust dreamer with a passion for making magical creations. Making handcrafted jewellery and buying up vintage treasures from her adventures. Usually found roaming planet earth buying crystals and fabrics to craft her delights back in Liverpool.
Our favourite: Handmade Indian jumpsuit or Vintage leather backpack
Studio: Anywhere her adventures take her
Where to look:
Instagram: @rubysparrow
Facebook: /rubysparrowdeigsns

Glow Hush

Layla thinks that fragrances play such a big role in people’s lives and memories. We couldn’t agree more. Even more so at Christmas! For all things fragrance, Glow Hust is an obvious choice for something handmade with love. It’s time to indulge in Layla’s bath bombs and bubble bars, luxury handwash or hanging diffusers.
Our favourite: it’s Christmas so obviously the advent calendar
Studio: Wirral
Where to look:
Instagram: @glowhush
Facebook: /glowhush

Pin Head

For Amy, Pim Head started as a hobby in 2015 and has ended up in custom orders for Bongo’s Bingo to Lost Art. But if you’re looking for a cute crimbo filler for the family footie fan then Klopps grin or Rupert’s Tower is perfect for those loyalties. There are many others Pin Head pins inspired by cartoons and Wes Anderson classics.
Our favourite: “Propper Boss” pin that la
Studio: Liverpool
Where to look:
Instagram: @p.i.n.h.e.a.d
Facebook: /pinheadinstagram

Taylormade Terrariums

Terrariums are the most unique gift on this list. Emma started off by hosting mini planting workshops at Make Liverpool and her terrarium’s are literally grown from there. They bring the outdoors inside and what a peaceful and beautiful way to do that. We think they are fit for the festive season as a decoration or a gift. Perfect for those who live in the urban jungle without a garden.
Our favourite: Mini woodland terrarium
Studio: Ormskirk
Where to look:
Instagram: @taylormadeterrariums
Facebook: /taylormade.terrariums

Rawhide Custom

Not all gifts are for humans! If you’re looking for the perfect way to spoil the good boy or girl, then look no further! Max is inspired by a love of all things authentic, well-made and original. He talks beautifully about how leather tells a story of its owner. The amazing items Max crafts talk beautifully back about the quality of his work. From dog collars to wallets and belts, everything is handmade at Make North Docks.
Our favourite: Champion dog collar
Studio: Make North Docks, Ten Streets, Liverpool
Where to look:
Instagram: @rawhide_custom
Facebook: /RawhideCustom

Introduction to Woodwork @ Make Liverpool

If you’re looking for something completely different, check out one of Make Liverpool’s up coming introduction to woodwork sessions. We can always make a gift-card as a gift for course in 2019 if you contact us.
Up coming events:
Contact us:
Call: 0151 601 8605

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